Quality Control

HEWEL contains natural extracts of S. Marianum and Wasabia that help inhibit KUPFFER cell functions, improve liver health and support the prevention of liver diseases.
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Men's Gingseng ALIPAS – 100% natural extract with the extraction ratio 100:1 of Eurycoma Longifolia (LE-100) that helps slow down andropause process and increase libido.
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Alipas Platinum

Ginseng ALIPAS PLATINUM contains EurycomaLongifolia and other precious natural extracts that helps promote the production of Luteinizing hormone which naturally stimulates the body to synthesize Testosterone rapidly and constantly.
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Women's Gingseng ANGELA- 100% Natural extract, produced by an advanced technology in United States, according to GMP standards. This proprietary blend of botanical helps increase sexual desire for women, increase libido, treat vaginal dryness, support hormonal balance : estogen, progesterone and testosterone.
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Angela Gold

Ginseng ANGELA GOLD- our new advanced formula with P.Leucotomos 100% natural extract helps enhance activity of the Hypothalamic-Pituitary – Gonadal Axis (HPG), protect and regenerate the base structure (ECM) of the skin..
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OTIV is a proprietary blend that combines the revolutionary effects of powerful natural botanicals and potent phytochemicals extracted from Blueberry. This innovative compound supplies the brain nutrients needed to battle (neutralize) free radicals, protect vital neurons, and prevent the degeneration of the brain.
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FAZ contains the natural ingredient Policosanol which effects the regulation of HMG-COA enzyme synthesis and increases activation of receptor.
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LIC contains natural extracts of Belaunja and Mangastin. LIC®s proprietary blend of botanicals helps reduce fat accumulation and increase lipolytic activity of white adipose tissues, especially in the waist, abdomen and thighs.
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Jex Max

JEX Max contains PEPTAN and other precious natural extracts. This proprietary blend of botanicals helps relieve joint pain, recover cartilage tissue and bone under cartilage strongly, increase durability and flexibility for the joint.
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WIT contains precious natural extract from Broccophane that helps increase Thioredoxin to protect retinal pigment epithelium (RPE) and lens of eye.
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